A Love Affair with Boho Styling

We chat to boho styling experts about their loves, loathes and what boho means to them.

Wed in The Wild was borne out of a pure, unadulterated love for wild and bohemian weddings, combined with a love for the great outdoors. From flowing dresses, grazing tables under the stars to breathtaking photography and of course, bohemian styling.

We’re lucky that we know some amazing wedding planners and stylists who absolutely adore bohemian styling too – great minds think alike, huh. We spoke to a few of our favourites to find out what boho means to them, and how they bring in their love for all things boho into the weddings they work on.

a boho couple has a free spirit and is up for just about everything. It is a whimsical lifestyle driven by nature, and authenticity”

Great words from Cindy who runs Peachy Keen Coordination out of Oregon, USA. She. believes that to be bohemian is to be driven BY love; bohemian couples allow you to feel their love in the energies they feed one another.

View More: http://amandajaephotography.pass.us/beachelopement3182018Styling by Peachy Keen. Photography: Amanda Jae 

Cindy finds that bohemian couples embellish their day with pieces that bring comfort, a bit of nostalgia, and are considerate of their organic surroundings. When done ‘right’, boho styling often looks effortless and even thrown together. This is easier said than done and for that reason, boho weddings are one of the more challenging designs styled for many to accomplish.

Likewise, Ami of Lo & Behold Bespoke (Hampshire, UK) adds that bohemian styling is the artform of making things look effortless and stylish but not too over styled; a celebration of beautiful things.

_B0A8038Styling by Lo & Behold. Photography: The Wild Bride

A stylist who loves to utilise flickering candlelight wherever possible, Ami has a huge, ever growing collection of vintage brass and glass candlesticks and lanterns. Her stock is made up of a lot of unique pieces, with 90% of her collection being thrifted, second hand or handmade. Living in such a throw away culture, it’s important to use and reuse items. A fact which Laura from Rock The Day Styling (Essex, UK) ,

“It’s very important to us to use florists that can grow their own flowers, furniture suppliers who source vintage furniture to give these pieces a new lease of life, and thrift or make our own props.”

Essex_Wedding_Photographer_Creative_Wedding_Photographer_Essex_Wedding_photographer_UK_wedding_photographer_www.purplepeartreephotography.com-180_80dca404-a87c-4bdf-b03a-01047980d0b1Styling by Rock The Day. Photography: Purple Pear Tree

From backdrop frames and hoops for florals, to macrame, Laura’s prop factory is a treasure trove of handmade, bespoke items and thrifted pieces. Laura loves to utilise her range of macrame, made by hand by business partner Alex, in order to style weddings. Including chair backs, table runners, wall hangings and every backdrops, their macrame pieces come in a range of patterns and add the perfect nod of boho to wedding breakfasts and ceremonies alike.

Amber from Rock & Stone (USA), is obsessed with using locally sourced and organic ingredients, whether an incredible wooden backdrop made by a local artist or decorating with pampas grass and greenery cut from a local garden. She loves the visual complexity of layering multiple natural textures like different shades of wood, crystals, florals, and plant died fabrics to create something unique and relevant to the location. For Amber, bohemian weddings are free spirited, personal, organic and a celebration of nature and the natural elements.

dairyland2018-81Styling by Rock & Stone. Photography: Carley Jayne

She loves to see couples moving away from Pinterest staples like ‘welcome to our wedding’ signs in place of something that reflects them and the tone of their wedding. Speaking of which, we asked each off the suppliers which styling trend they wished would die a death…

“I’m sorry to say it but I’m really starting to hate the donut wall!” – Amber

“Rose gold is one! Rustic burlap and cheesy signage!” – Laura, Rock The Day

“One word: burlap (hessian). I’ll say no more.” – Cindy

“Chair covers…luckily I think they are dying a slow death” – Ami

“Chair covers and tablecloths!” Laura, The Rustic Dresser

Laura from The Rustic Dresser (Southwest, UK) uses a lot of wood in her styling, hence her dislike of old-fashioned table cloths and chair covers. She loves natural, organically dyed fabrics and cushions to drape and soften rather than covering beautiful furniture completely.

DSC_0189Styling by The Rustic Dresser. Photography by Jessica Hill

“I love furniture. The bigger the better in my book!! And I wholeheartedly think that props are there to be enjoyed. To be touched, smelt, sat on, stood on and made the most out of. You want your styling to make guests feel as if they have no control over their actions, but that they just have to simply go over and interact with it.”

We are bowled over by the passion of these five exceptionally talented women, who each bring their own beautiful spin on boho styling to the table. From full styling plans, hire items, prop sourcing and bespoke prop creation, their creative know-all is a force to be reckoned with. So if you are struggling to empty your thoughts and marry (pun intended) a range of ideas and styles, then these women are up for the job!

Featured Image: Marnie Cornell

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