Win Big For Your Big Day

Are you getting married in the States? You don’t want to miss out on this fabulous giveaway!

Are you getting married in the States? Or do you know somebody who is? Well grab a pen and take note…because you really don’t want to miss out on this fabulous giveaway by four talented teams!

Wed in The Wild are proud to support Trinity Photography and the fab teams at RK Bridal, Le Laurier and Wonderland Invites in their amazing competition, currently running on Instagram! Wanna know what’s up for grabs in this $2,250 haul? Of course you do!

One lucky winner will receive a $200 Etsy gift card courtesy of the insanely amazing RK Bridal, who’s collection is just out of this world. You will also receive a $200 credit toward a custom made couture bridal robe by Le Laurier. And it doesn’t stop there…

A Le Laurier Bridal Robe and an RK Bridal Gown

You will also receive up to 100x Save the Dates, with a custom floral design created for you by international stationery studio, Wonderland Invites. These will come printed along with a choice of three envelope colours. 

And lastly…the ladies at Trinity Photography will be giving away an Elopement or Intimate Wedding Photography Package…excuse me what! Yes, valued at $1650 you will have the full artistic coverage of two photographers, all of the fully edited digital images, up to 3 hrs of photo coverage and of course our full Trinity Bride experience.

Wonderland Invites Stationery Suite & Trinity Photography Couple Portrait

Now if that’s not a stellar prize package…we don’t know what is!

The giveaway rules are super simple too! You have to make sure you are following RK Bridal, Le Laurier, Wonderland Invites and Trinity Photography on Instagram. We’ve inserted the links to make it super easy 😉

Secondly, just tag two friends (or more, because more tags = more entries) in the comments on the post on Trinity Photography’s Instagram feed! For additional entries, you can repost the post to your feed or stories and tag all four wedding vendors!

It is THAT easy! Good Luck!

The small print…

  • Giveaway closes Monday 06/24
  • VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. This giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by Instagram or any of its affiliates.
  • By entering, entrants confirm there are 18+ years of age, release Instagram of any and all responsibility and agree to Instagram’s terms of use. 

Top Tips For An Eco Wedding

You may think that a wedding plays only a small part, but there are so many ways you can work towards having a more eco-friendly wedding. 

Our planet is fragile. And the decisions we are now making as a global population on plastic consumption, clean energy and other recycling initiatives will impact generations to come. You may think that a wedding plays only a small part, but there are so many ways you can work towards having a more eco-friendly wedding. 

After all, every step along the way counts, no matter how big or small. And so, we spoke to some of our favourite suppliers about some of the ways you can be more conscious on your wedding day…

Support Small & Local

Important in so many ways, shopping small and local is one of the main ways you can be more conscious in the run up to your wedding; a point which Ellie from Rose & Dandy is keen to raise. Indeed, mass-produced items have a greater propensity for manufacturing errors (and wastage)  and you can’t always guarantee that what you are buying is ethically produced.

Screenshot 2018-11-19 at 11.59.11Styling by Rose & Dandy. Photography by Lola Rose Photography

Shopping small and local lends itself to a more personal product and you can, nine times out of ten, get to know the person who is crafting your product; whether it be on social media or face to face.

Hand in hand with this is buying second-hand or even renting your decor. There are so many amazing event stylists and decor/furniture hire companies out there who have huge catalogues of items they can utilise to furnish and style your big day. Anthology Vintage Hire based in Essex UK, for example, are committed to up-cycling, recycling and breathing new life into old furniture. Amy and her team have hundreds of vintage chairs, beautiful old furniture (sofas, dressers, suitcases) and trestle tables, coffee tables and bars hand-made with reclaimed wood by her husband and father.

Lodge-Farm-Barns-Styled-Shoot-March-2018-40Rows of Anthology’s tables and chairs…beautiful. Photography: Kelsie Low

And if you do buy new, the girls from Bixby + Pine recommend that you only buy items that you can use again; either by yourselves at home/in your garden, or sell on to other brides or hire companies.

Bixby+Pine-PNW-WeddingPlannersAndDesigners_0998Recyclable planters for a Bixby + Pine wedding. Photography: Tonie Christine


You may have thought that flowers were simple. They can be thrown away and they will decompose. But there are so many layers with flowers. And it all starts with choosing the right florist.

Kim from Borrowed & Blue Events is super passionate about flower waste, and again, it’s all about shopping small and local. And even better if your florist grows all or at least some of their own blooms; focusing on homegrown flowers and working to a seasonal pattern in growing and cutting. Having an appreciation for indigenous flowers and seasonal availability is key; your florist can help you understand what is available, and sustainable, for the time of year your wedding falls.

Wedding Photographer essex-22017-2Seasonal flowers by The Country Garden Flower Company. Photography: Greg Coltman

And say no to florist foam; it doesn’t decompose! Floral foam is an open cell plastic and many hazardous substances including formaldehyde smoke, phenol, carbon oxides cresols, xylenols, and sulfur dioxide. For humans, it may irritate the eyes, skin and respiratory tract…so imagine what it can do to wildlife. Most good florists will be trained in using other materials to create bouquets and other pieces for your wedding, so ensure you ask.

After your big day…donate your flowers so that someone else can enjoy them. Whether it be to a family or friend, or even to a local cafe or old peoples home. Flowers can last a good amount of time when treated properly, so don’t just bin them the morning after.


When it comes to tableware, most styling/decor companies will hire all your tableware to you. Or if you prefer, you could collect mismatched items from local charity shops. Or, if you don’t want to use/hire ceramic/wooden/metal tableware, then utilise compostable plates, utensils and cups instead. Don’t choose plastic alternatives.

Lodge-Farm-Barns-Styled-Shoot-March-2018-246Tableware from Harriets Table. Photography by Kelsie Low

When it comes to your invitations and other stationery, ensure you are using a small stationer who understands their supply chain, rather than using a mass produced outlet like Papier. Ask for their credentials…if they are focused on reducing waste, they’d be happy to tell you. For foiled stationery, be careful who you book with as not all foiled or metallic paper products can be recycled. The Golden Letter is a great example of a stationery studio who is focused on being as eco-friendly as possible – she utilises one of the only producers of recyclable foil available and uses a honeycomb packing system for all her invitations.

Screenshot 2018-11-19 at 11.57.06Stationery by The Golden Letter

As Ixchel Weddings explains, using small diamanté embellishments can further contribute to waste…those little blighters are made of plastic and as such, don’t decompose…and they are likely to be a choking hazard for small animals.

When it comes to papers, most are recyclable aside from some glitter card varieties, as they have a plastic substrate fixed to them to eliminate shedding. Even though they are more expensive opposed to normal envelopes and papers, seedable alternatives are beautiful and of course, decompose leaving pretty flowers in their place.

Some fast fire tips:

  1. No battery powered tealights – why? Because of their little batteries…easily ingestible and as they have a higher voltage than some other batteries, they can cause severe burns in the esophagus if swallowed! – Rose & Dandy
  2. When it comes to transport, if you are only a short walk from where you are getting ready to where you are getting married, walk. Save that five minute drive. And if it’s within your budget, hire a bus for your guests to go between venues/at the end of the day…it will save multiple cars on the road and eliminates drink driving risks! – Wed in The Wild
  3. Don’t waste money on favours that people wont use or forget about! We can’t count the amount of times that we’ve seen people leave favours which have been painstakingly made or sourced. – Ixchel Weddings
  4. Print/write your table plan and welcome sign on the same board – front and back. That way, you simply have to flip the board around when it comes to the wedding breakfast! – Wonderland Invites
  5. If you aren’t hiring your bridal party attire, ensure that your guys and gals feel their best in a dress/suit/outfit which they can wear again and again, even if they need altering after the wedding to be more suitable for other occasions. Not only will it reduce garment waste, but your bridal party will thank you if they love what they are wearing! – Wed in The Wild

Featured Image – Styled by Rose & Dandy, Photography by Lola Rose Photography

How To Choose Your Colour Palette

Choosing a colour palette isn’t easy, but we have five tips to help you make up your mind.

There’s nothing like getting engaged to throw your mind whizzing into turmoil…you may have long decided on your colour scheme, wedding vibe, perfect venue, perfect dress, but seeing that rock on your finger can make you question every little detail you have ever thought about!

Arguably, choosing a colour palette is one of the more stressful aspects of early wedding planning; there are quite literally thousands of colour and shade combinations. But it needn’t be so stressful. Boho wedding planning is all about embracing yourself, expressing your spirit and outwardly showcasing your personality. And so, we’ve put together our top five tips for choosing your colour palette to take that weight off of your shoulders!


Autumnal boho styling at Kenton Hall Estate. Photography by Leah Lombardi.

1. Take a good look at your venue

Once you have booked your venue, it’s a good idea to confirm your colour scheme. Or, if you booked your venue with a preconceived idea of what your colours may be, then we definitely recommend that you look at this palette again and ensure none of the colours clash with any aspects of the venue decor and surroundings that cannot be easily changed or hidden.

Remember, lighter colours can make a space feel bigger than what it is, where darker colours can enclose and create a more intimate vibe. It’s useful to think about how intimate or open you would like your day to be.


Neutral boho styling at The Granary Estates. Photography by Leah Lombardi.

Top Tip​ – Once you have booked your wedding, arrange a follow up visit and take swatches of colours you like!

2. Create a moodboard

Ordinarily, we’d recommend creating a Pinterest board…but Pinterest can be so distracting! Instead, create a couple of moodboards for a few different colour schemes and present them to your partner, bridesmaids, mum…! And once you have chosen the winning palette having a visual aid, which you can print and keep in your handbag or pocket, will allow you to call upon your chosen scheme whether you are shopping online or offline.

Top Tip​ – You can easily create moodboards in Word on your computer or laptop, or you could even go old school with a magazine and glue stick!

3. Focus on seasonality

Whatever the time of year you are getting married, it’s useful to familiarise yourself with the seasonality of flowers and plants. After all, flowers are often the glue that holds a whole wedding look together.


Beautiful seasonal flowers. Credits at the end of the blog.

You need to think about what types of blooms your florist will be able to provide for the season you are getting married in and ensure that your colour scheme is aligned with what is available at the time. There’s no point asking for Sunflowers in December…!

4. Take a break from weddings

Did you know that much of the trends and styling of weddings are directly influenced by fashion and interior design trends? So, if you are becoming bogged down with wedding magazines and Pinterest boards for table decorations, cakes, etc, take some time out to read an interior design magazine or this months Vogue. You may be pleasantly surprised, not only by how re-energised you’ll feel, but how many new ideas may pop into your head just by changing the subject matter!

5. Be true to who you are and what you love

This. Because after all, it is your wedding day and not your uncle’s, granny’s or your mum’s friend from down the street’s. If you love a certain colour but feel it has been overdone, is last season, or usually looks terrible (Cadbury purple,  amirite)…run with it and put your own individual spin on it. Your suppliers, if you choose them wisely, will support you and help bering your vision to life!

Don’t be afraid to be bold, or to play with colours.

Campfire Vibes Shoot - Lola Rose Photography-225

Whatever your couple style, don’t be afraid. Photography by Lola Rose Photography.

Bonus! Don’t overthink it!

Gone are the days where you paired white with one other colour. It’s quite natural these days for couples to choose a palette made up of 4-7 colours, which all feature either quietly or in a big way across their wedding day.

Image Credits

Featured Image Kelsie Low

Autumnal Boho Styling:

Styling | Beyond V

Floral | Rose & Berry

Stationery | Wonderland Invites

Cakes | Blushing Cook

Neutral Boho Styling:

Styling | Hall & Co

Florals | Clare Jones

Silks | Kate Cullen

Seasonal Florals:

1: Velvet Rose with photography by Kelsie Low

2. Country Garden Flower Company with photography by Gather The Light

3. Saint Floral with photography by Rebecca Carpenter

Couple Style:

Styling | Rose & Dandy

Florals | Meadow Folk

The Stars Inside on Wedding Budgets

Valentina from The Stars Inside talks wedding budgets and the myths surrounding what you are spending,

Planning a wedding is no small feat. And working out and sticking to a budget is just one of the ways wedding planning can overwhelm you. Here at Wed in The Wild, we are committed to offering the truth behind setting wedding budgets. Before we delve closer into each aspect of wedding budgeting, Valentina from The Stars Inside offers her top five tips for working out and setting your wedding budget.

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 09.42.01.png

Helping her couples set, manage, and understand their budget is something that Valentina considers a key part of her role as a wedding planner. As a professional in an industry where there isn’t always a lot of transparency about fees, the widely repeated fact that weddings suffer an arbitrary surcharge is actually a myth (see Valentina’s interesting delve into such myths here). It’s very important to educate people about what they’re really paying for. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 22.22.23

For Valentina, having a positive relationship with your wedding budget means considering it with care, attention and honesty from the very beginning. Here are Valentina’s top five tips for mindful budgeting…

Start somewhere firm

“Have an open discussion together about how much you want to spend on your wedding overall, in light of savings, houses, family commitments, and all the other wonderful things that will make up your future as a married couple. If you’re planning on saving for the wedding, do consider whether it will significantly affect your quality of life in the meantime – as this can cause wedding planning memories to be tarred by resentment or regret.”

“When brainstorming on this, please hold tight to the thought that there isn’t an amount you’re supposed to spend, and there’s most certainly nothing you have to do. Also, think about whether any other parties might want to contribute to the wedding (like parents or grandparents), and what this might mean – is it just a gift, or does it come at the cost of having to run decisions by them? Either is fine, just make sure you’re all on the same page from the very beginning. If you can, try to converge all the wedding money into one account, so you can more easily keep track of ins and outs.”

Empty your thoughts onto a spreadsheet

“I would recommend creating (or downloading) a comprehensive budget breakdown spreadsheet, where each row is an element of your wedding (like flowers, entertainment, stationery, and so on) and the columns alongside it are percentages or totals. You can set expected amounts, actual amounts, and keep track of the difference. This is a tricky one to do precisely unless you have experience in the events industry or are working with a planner, because you simply won’t know exactly how much everything costs yet. But that’s ok – the key thing here is to use this exercise to decide on your priorities.”

“Highlight them, bold them, and start by apportioning larger chunks of the budget to them. Really think about where your guests are going to divert their time and attention, and whether there are other areas where you’re happy to cut back on costs. This will help you keep sight of the things that really matter as planning continues. The spreadsheet is your accountability buddy – and your peace of mind. Once you know where the money is going, it can turn budget management from a chore to an exciting part of your planning!”

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 22.23.15

Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes

Be thorough and methodical when it comes to shopping around and doing your research. Ask for quotes from a couple of different suppliers of the style you’re looking for, and really get to know how much what you’ve asked for is worth – you may have to rethink your brief, or make some compromises elsewhere. Also, there is nothing worse than feeling like you’re losing control of your budget because of hidden costs that feel unfair or unexpected, especially if contracts have already been signed.

Make sure you ask about things like: VAT & service charges, overtime beyond agreed hire hours, corkage, clean-up & break-down costs, fees for bringing in non-approved suppliers, commission, alterations and trial fees, additional charges for hosting ceremonies, supplier meals/expenses/accommodation, and postage and delivery. Asking lots of questions and fully itemised quotes from all of your suppliers is definitely not something you should feel guilty about, and is very good practice. The more educated you are, the more you can have a respectful, professional, and productive conversation with your vendors.

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 09.39.54

Stay flexible and open-minded

If the budget you’ve set is strict, definitely don’t let that make you feel inadequate or sad. Stand your ground and be open to finding creative solutions to make that budget viable. For example, something as simple as looking outside of peak summer season, or at weekdays instead of weekends, can alter the fees dramatically, and bring a venue or a supplier well into your budget.

Another very effective decision is changing the scale – a 60-guest wedding will give you much more room to breathe on budget than a 120-guest wedding, due to the way everything scales up per guest. By staying flexible, you can let your florist offer you less expensive seasonal options – you can let your caterer suggest less formal dining ideas – and just generally let your suppliers help you find the best alternative. 

Be you

When emotions (and expenses) are running high, it’s really difficult to feel grounded and positive, and I think the secret is to keep your finger on the pulse of your WHY. If your priority is making sure guests have the party of a lifetime, then focus your budget on the things that will make a direct difference to that – and when that money is being spent, remind yourself that it was your choice, and, though it feels intangible until the wedding day comes, that the experience of the day will be so much larger than the sum of its parts.

You have to close doors at some point because, unless you have an unlimited budget, you can’t do it all. But the doors you’ve chosen to keep open will make this day as awesome and unique as you.

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 09.44.54

If you’d like to have a chat with Valentina, or would like some help with planning your wedding, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Photography | Nataly J Photography

Stylist | The Stars Inside


Bohemian (n.) Free spirit, wanderer.

A person who lives a free-spirited life, independent from the constraints of convention. They believe in truth, love and freedom.

Hello, and welcome to Bride in The Wild; a curated blog for the free-spirited bride (and groom!) Borne out of a passion for all things wedding, with an emphasis on everything dreamy and bohemian, we hope you’ll find bags of inspiration for your boho wedding as this little blog grows.

Borne out of a personal dream to run a blog separate from my business, I wanted to create a space where I could write about the things I am passionate about…which is basically, anything to do with weddings!

I hope that you will enjoy following me on this journey. So, welcome….

Featured Image: Leah Lombardi