A 70s Inspired Windmill Wedding

We’re feeling all nostalgic, with this beautiful and colourful 1970s inspired shoot from Italy.

We’re feeling all nostalgic on the blog today, with this beautiful, colourful 1970s inspired shoot from the gorgeous Piedmont region in Italy. Conceptualised by Federica Cosentino, we’re loving the pops of colour, the little details and of course, the beautiful, standout windmill venue!

An uncommon feature of the landscape in Italy, this shoot is truly the result of an incredible team effort on a day where the elements forced the suppliers to stretch their creative capacities. With an aim to represent a not-so-common location for a marriage in Italy, Federica explains her inspiration for the shoot…

“It is rare to find a windmill in the north of Italy and when I first saw this one, I imagined hundreds of coloured flags flying through the air. and a girl with her hair in the wind and pinwheels in her hands”




The 70’s colour palette, with pops of tan, orange and blue, is as unusual as the venue, but works beautifully with the features of the surroundings; the orange doors, of the windmill and the blue of the sky.

The stunning wedding dress by Maura Brandino, composed of tulle and flowered lace, has a slightly peachy pink hue. The bridal look was complemented by pretty flowers in the models hair, and beautiful coloured make-up by Rosanna Curci…all contributing to a real flower child look. The groom was dressed in a tan suit, a perfect nod to the 70s era.




We love how flowers have taken a centre stage in this pretty, dainty shoot…from the bouquet and tables cape flowers to the delicate floral rings and flower-heads littering the handmade backdrop for the ceremony area. Biancospino, the florist, chose flowers with meaning…blue hydrangeas representing the start of a love story and freesias for lasting friendship.

“We set up the tablescape in front of the wind mill, using a white tablecloth runner decorated with flowers. The chairs had handmade cerulean seat cushions which added to the colourful aesthetic of the shoot” Federica

The styling team utilised vintage plates with a cerulean pattern, which fit perfectly with the colour scheme of the shoot.





The weather proved tricky for the team; the say was changeable, with the weather flitting from sunny, to rainy, with a constant wind which meant that all hands were on deck to keep the backdrop and the handmade flags from blowing away. The team had to disassemble the installations several times to prevent them from flying away or getting wet.

Additionally, the road to the windmill is entirely impervious making it really challenging to transport all the installations there.

However, the photographer Miriam Callegari, and videographer, Piero Carchedi, worked really hard alongside all the suppliers to ensure that what was captured on camera truly showcased then hard work of the entire team.





We love how different suppliers have different concepts and ideas for shoots, and how these vary from country to country, and region to region.

What is amazing is that  no matter where you are in the world, there is bound to be a team of exceptional creatives who can help you to conceptualise and execute the day of your dreams.