Mustard Toned Greenhouse Shoot

We LOVE a greenhouse wedding. And we adore this beautiful greenhouse shoot from Cologne.

We LOVE a greenhouse shoot. Full stop. The shadows, the texture, the interesting nooks and crannies. So when Isabel Pogscheba got in touch which this super boho, mustard-toned shoot, we simply couldn’t say no.

What we love about our role here at Wed in The Wild is being able to share amazing the talents suppliers with our readers, whether they are in the UK, the US, Australia or Europe…like this incredible team from Cologne, Germany. And it’s always so interesting to see the similarities and differences in interpretation, especially with the boho trend. This shoot definitely hits ‘boho’ nail on head…with a beautiful gown, pretty macrame, abundant tablescape styling, feathers and a chill out area you could happily, well, chill for hours in!






The old, overgrown greenhouse provided the perfect, green backdrop to Isabel’s concept, which involved, as the colour palette, lots of grey, green and mustard tones. What we see from the images is a really fresh, lush shoot with lots of amazing boho inspiration…from the bouquet, to the simple cake, to the gorgeous handmade macrame hangers…one in the perfect mustard shade.

The bouquet, although heavily green with oodles of eucalyptus, monstera and other palm leaves, popped with gorgeously soft yellow roses and other white and golden wildflowers. The bride also wore a matching flower crown, switching to a mossy green-grey hat halfway through the shoot, which perfectly matched the grooms suit.






The team styled a gorgeous little table for two with macrame, napkins and gold accents to mirror those utilised in the flowers and the grooms suit. The couple perched on ivory, macrame poufs set on furs. We adore the skull decorated with succulents; it really adds to the character of the shoot.

The couples stationery included nods to the colour scheme but was kept quite modern and edgy. We love the fonts utilised and the curving, wisping foliage decorating the edges; a perfect fit for this greenhouse setup.




The dress is special, with a gorgeous train, laced up details at the back and graceful trumpet sleeves. The lace is beautifully patterned and it just screams boho! We love it. The grooms style perfectly complements all the elements brought together for this shoot with a taupe-grey suit and mustard bow tie…we love a bow tie.

“The touches of lightness and the unconventional, combined with wild and romantic vibes was particularly important to us and the shoot screams ‘unique'” Isabel






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Little Lost Cabin in The Woods

There are so many pretty tones in today’s shoot that we’re really gearing up for the warmer months…

There are so many pretty tones in today’s shoot that we’re really gearing up for the warmer months; pinks, lilacs, peaches and even golden tones. Hmm, yes…makes us feel all warm inside. 

And the colourful flowers on the sumptuously decked out tablescape aren’t the only things brightening our mood…the ridiculously stunning dress, lacy and complete with gloriously oversized trumpet sleeves, will be sure to fill you all the way up…







Submitted by Elizabeth A Images, the elopement shoot took place in a secluded log cabin in the woods of Mount Pleasant, North Carolina. The models, real-life newlyweds, brought a sweet and genuine glow to the day…showing their complete and utterly lost for words love with the team around them.

Soft and warm shades of pink and mustard were the order of the day and the team fulfilled that brief. Flowers by Vintage Soul Floral Design incorporated roses, peonies and lush foliage. Flowers adorned not only the tablescape and the log cabin’s fireplace, but also the models hat in a unique and playful twist on the bridal fedora trend.





All details were paid attention too, from the abundant, graceful and flowing tablescape, to the flatlay for the unique and ingenious wooden stationery which was designed by the super creative Cut Above Stationery Team. We love the use of different wooden textures in the stationery, combined with a pressed fern motif.

And that macrame cake…sheer perfection by The Wow Factor Cakes.






The bridal models makeup was kept simple and natural with only a smattering of pink lipstick and a light dusting of peachy pink colour across her eyelids; working perfectly with both her skin tone and the colour palette for the day. The groom looked dapper in his quirky shirt and on-trend mustard chinos, complete with a wooden textured bolo tie.

We love this playful spin on an elopement shoot…set somewhere really secluded, and featuring all the playful colours of summer.

Literal hats off to a great, creative team!








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Christmas Day in the Catskills

This wonderfully festive styled shoot has us swooning over all the little details!

Merry Christmas! We hope you are having a beautiful day with your loved ones, however you are celebrating. Did you have chocolate for breakfast? If you didn’t, you aren’t doing Christmas right!

When we think of Christmas we think of festive reds and greens, and all that’s in between; snow on the ground, hot chocolate in your favourite mug, a blanket to warm your feet and hands. And this super beautiful style shoots has all that…and more. Abundant tablescape styling with perfect attention to detail, rich and seasonal florals and of course, a beautiful red velvet dress.

Submitted by the lovely Natalie Colapietro, the shoot was located in the Catskill Mountains of New York, on top of the stunning Kaaterskill Falls.







Natalie tells us more…

“Lyndsie and I decided two weeks before this shoot took place that we wanted to play on the idea of a winter wonderland concept and once decided, we knew we would do whatever it took to make the vision come true. We wanted a beautiful velvet dress which would remind us of Christmas, but also wanted to keep the overall feel quite rustic and woodsy with winter boots and whiskey.”

The team reached out to vendors from three different states (New York, Vermont and Massachusetts) in the hope that some were crazy enough to come together for a last minute shoot!








Natalie and Lyndsie pitched their ideas and everyone was in love; more than excited to be a part of the ensuing magic. Stationary was mailed, the models travel three hours to be on location, and a hairstylist was able to fit the session into her extremely busy schedule.

Natalie explains that the day was a little hectic weather wise, which you can only imagine…

“The day itself gave us all kinds of difficult weather situations including harsh sunlight, fast winds, and super cold temperatures. Although the weather odds were against us, everything fell into place perfectly once we started shooting. We had enough hand warmers and whiskey to keep everyone from freezing to death! I did find it hard to have a wide variety of shots in such bitter cold though because everyone is just so stiff from shivering and it’s hard to loosen up for those action shots, which is completely understandable. We all had so much fun that we mostly could ignore the cold.”







When everyone is on the same page and so excited to bring a concept to life, it showcases just how creative people can push aside hindrances and obstacles to make beautiful art happen. And we are so thrilled that the team on this particular shoot was able to do that.

“My favourite part about this entire thing was that most of us started out as strangers and we all became friends instantly. We spent the night together at a cabin playing games, telling stories, laughing, cooking, eating, and drinking, and I’ve never felt so at home with people I had just met before.” Natalie







Oftentimes, within this highly competitive industry, it’s hard to overcome feelings of imposter syndrome and indeed, comparing yourself to others doing a similar job, but what we love about this shoot almost as much as the visual beauty of it, is the way it has brought strangers together and made them friends…now, thats the true meaning of Christmas, friendship. A meaning which Natalie sums up in one heavenly paragraph…

“Christmas is my favorite holiday, and to me this holiday and time of year is all about making memories with the people in our lives who we cherish. I’ve made this amazing memory with these newly cherished people, and I’m forever thankful for every single one of them. They’re forever friends now.”








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A Wondrously Wild, Welsh Elopement

An airy take on a boho elopement, join us as we wander through the Ogwen Valley and up Mount Tryfan…

A billion times thrilled to be sharing this beautiful, light and graceful shoot with you. An airy take on a boho elopement, join us as we wander through the Ogwen Valley and up Mount Tryfan on a delicately wild adventure…

Submitted by photographer Laura-Jane Bennett, and featuring some top notch suppliers including Anthology Vintage Hire and Poppy’s Perspective, the styling and aesthetic is a welcome break from the darker edits we typically see for bohemian weddings and shoots.

Laura-Jane takes us on the teams journey, climbing up the Welsh mountains…

“Following hair and makeup, our first location led us climbing over cattle grids and walking down the side of Lake Ogwen; we had to shoot back towards the road because of the suns positioning in the sky. With the water slightly to our side and the sun bouncing off it, everything looked calm & blissful; the setting was complete with the mountains behind our models.” Laura-Jane

Laura Jane Photography

Laura Jane Photography

Laura Jane Photography

Laura Jane Photography

Laura Jane Photography

The teams first big challenge was to find suitable models for the shoot. The female had to be a size 8 to fit the dresses and had to have long flowing hair which could be curled into a bouncy boho style.

Laura-Jane tried online model agencies and local models, however the journey was either too far for them to travel, or the price was too expensive for the team to hire. However, their luck changed when Lily & Adam, a couple who were recently engaged, were happy to take the drive to Wales for the shoot. 

Laura Jane Photography

Laura Jane Photography

Laura Jane Photography

Laura Jane Photography

The fist location for the shoot included some really beautiful, quaint landmarks which the team totally took advantage of, including a small, natural mound the ‘vows’ were shot on, and a rustic metal hay dispenser which Laura-Jane had the models kick about and throw each other around in.

“The idea of the shoot was to show a wild elopement having fun and being adventurous. We just had to make the most of our surroundings.” Laura-Jane

The team tackled a climb up Mount Tryfan to get more of a view of the scene below. The mountain was no easy climb, but eventually evened out slightly with a beautiful mini waterfall and rock pool areas for the team to pose the models in and around. The lake, the mountain edge, the views and the soft marsh-type grass which covered the ground were perfect for the scenes the team were hoping for.

Laura Jane Photography

Laura Jane Photography

Laura Jane Photography

Not being from the area and having a good 5 hours to get there, the team were concerned about the models turning up; Laura-Jane and Helen had only ever conversed with them over the phone. Luckily, Lily & Adam were both really excited to be involved with the shoot and turned up on time for hair and make up before everyone set off to the chosen locations.

Laura Jane Photography

Laura Jane Photography

Laura Jane Photography

Another worry for Laura-Jane was the weather. Wales isnt particularly well-known for being bright and sunny, and being Springtime, she did panic about there being a downpour. However, as you can see from the beautiful images, they got so lucky, with beautiful clear skies and sunshine!

“We had beautiful sunshine, albeit maybe a tad too bright, but with the sun eventually setting, the shoot went perfectly for us!” Laura-Jane

Laura Jane Photography

Laura Jane Photography

Laura Jane Photography

Laura Jane Photography

We absolutely love the juxtaposition of the elegant dresses with the fedora and shearling jackets utilised in the latter part of the shoot. It completely modernises the look and brings a whole new personality to the overall tone.

The final set of images, set high on Mount Tryfan are a beautiful, dreamy combination of fine art photography and rugged, wild vibes…especially with the bridal models cowboy boots peeking through the cloud-like material of the dress.

Laura Jane Photography

Laura Jane Photography

Laura Jane Photography

Laura-Jane’s favourite aspect of the shoot was that it was set somewhere completely different compared to her local area.

“It was inspiring, as there is nowhere similar to Wales in Essex…so to be so high up in the mountains overlooking beautiful scenery, and shooting something we had pulled together in a couple of weeks was just amazing and so exciting!” Laura-Jane

Indeed, whilst it may look simple, so much planning goes into a styled shoot…not least bringing together a team of suppliers who in some instances, don’t know each other or you may not have worked with before. Everything is a gamble. But by and large, and definitely in this instance, the gambles and hard work pay off!

Laura Jane Photography

Laura Jane Photography


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