Kilkenny Beach Elopement

Real couple Jordan & Freddie joined photographer Roshni for a beach elopement.

We’re loving how elopements are becoming more visible in today’s wedding industry…they used to be clandestine, secretive operations, but nowadays, so many couples are embracing the opportunity to get married in a small intimate ceremony together…saving the big party for a later date!

Jordan & Freddie shot this beautiful, simple but emotive elopement scene on Kilkenny Beach last November, with photographer Roshni. And despite the wind and cold, the trio created some beautiful, love-filled magic.



“A beach elopement shoot was always my dream and I had a chance to just do that when I went to Belfast in November for a weekend. Jordan and Freddie were just perfect for this shoot as they both are madly in love with each other and athletic too. They love surf boarding, playing football and are in love with Ireland just like me.” Roshni






Roshni sourced a dress from Susanna Greening before she left the UK, and the suit was the grooms own. The concept was really based on how a real life elopement would look like, come rain or shine; and the team certainly braved the cold November weather…exposed to the elements on the beachside shoot.




Amazingly, the flowers were sourced from Aldi on the morning of the shoot and hand-tied by Roshni…just showing that if your budget from flowers isn’t great, and you have the patience, you can create a beautiful bouquet on very little money.





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Elopement: Mira & Pearce

Mira and Pearce eloped in Jordan River and celebrated with a tiny group of loved ones.

We love it when couples do their wedding their way. From design and decor, to the ceremony itself. And so many couples these days are opting to elope; the ultimate, personal wedding; shunning the expectation to have that big, all out wedding. 

Mira and Pearce eloped in Jordan River (West Coast of Vancouver Island, Canada), and celebrated with a tiny group of loved ones. They embraced what they wanted for their special day and ran with it…quite literally, through a waterfall!

Submitted by their photograpehrs, Tulle & Tweed, Mira and Pearce are just the loveliest couple, with a great eye for style. We loved hearing their story, and are so pleased to feature their beautiful day on Wed in The Wild.






Mira & Pearce met on Tinder, but their story is different; definitely not they typical Tinder meet. In fact, Mira almost didn’t swipe right on Pearce’s heavily unpopulated profile. Having just joined the app, he hadn’t even fill out his profile, and for most, that is a huge red flag.

For Mira, it was scary, but what scared her more was how attractive she found him; perhaps to attractive for her, she thought. She didn’t swipe right. Her friend however, did it for her!

We are so thankful she did!






“These two are kindred spirits, and the way they chose to marry was their own in every sense of the matter. When they contacted me to see if I would want to be a part of their day, I knew we would be the perfect fit for this adventure elopement.” Tulle & Tweed

The couple chose to rent an idyllic cabin in the woods in Jordan River for their preparations and legal document signing. They spent the morning with Mira’s dad, brother and friend.

“When we arrived, they were so excited to get things moving. This was despite a torrential downpour, which Pearce referred to as “the perfect day” for their wedding. They embraced their November wedding date wholeheartedly, and were open to whatever the weather gods had in store for us.” Tulle & Tweed






With umbrellas in tow, they departed for the hike to the chosen location; but none of them remembered how to get to Mystic Beach; it’s location elusive. Without service on their phones, they drove around for a bit trying to find it, with no luck. Just when they thought their luck was out, they came across the entrance to the trail in an unmarked parking lot.

“We parked, popped some bubbly in their converted VW van and enjoyed cake from the always delicious Ruth & Dean. Once we were hydrated and full of sugar, we started off on our adventure. Hiking through dense old growth forest through hills, mud and ravines, we came to the entrance to this glorious beach after about 45 minutes of hiking . The view was spectacular and Mira and Pearce couldn’t help but run across the beach in excitement.” Tulle & Tweed






With seals popping their heads in and out of the water, Mira & Pearce settled on the perfect location for their vow exchange. Tulle & Tweed offered the couple privacy and distance, capturing their nuptials from afar amid the stunning, natural backdrop.

“To my surprise, once we finished, they darted across the beach then looped back and jumped straight through the waterfall and into their futures together.” Tulle & Tweed

What an awesome narrative to the imagery!

“Sopping wet, we took some more photos on the beach before realizing the time. With an hour hike back up the hill, we said goodbye to the sunset before us and headed off through the forest – Mira in her white dress and the three of us singing to the tune of The Skye Boat Song (aka The Outlander theme song) as we tried to beat the fading light.” Tulle & Tweed

I think we can all agree…what a perfect ending to the perfect day.






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Real Wedding: Cody & Tyler

Cody & Tylers real wedding is the epitome of what your wedding should be…one that follows no rules.

Today’s real wedding is the epitome of what your wedding should be…one that follows no rules. One that is filled with love and emotion, is packed full of your friends and family. One that embraces hiccups and plain sailings (because thats how real weddings go) and ultimately, one that defines you as a couple regardless of what everyone else is doing. 

I love seeing two people in love. There is nothing more vulnerable and raw, so when photographer Heather Woolery got in touch with the gallery from Cody & Tyler’s Idaho wedding, I was instantly hooked.

CT Wedding_Details-16

CT Wedding_Details-14

CT Wedding_details-2

CT Wedding_Details-26

CT Wedding_Details-28

Nestled in the Idaho mountains, by the Clearwater River, Cody & Tyler celebrated their marriage at River Dance Lodge surrounded by their nearest and dearest. With such stunning scenery, the couple chose to simplify their wedding.

Heather explains more…

“Every couple teaches me something and always touches my heart. Cody and Tyler are such a fun couple, and from Cody’s veil that Tyler had picked out for her at a renaissance fair earlier this year, to the table filled with the brides vintage camera collection, their day just highlighted that weddings are personal…who cares what trends may or may not be going on. If you love it, then do it”

CT Wedding_Bridal Party-1

CT Wedding_Wedding Party-35

CT Wedding_Bridals-44

CT Wedding_Getting Ready-26

CT Wedding_Wedding Party-10

CT Wedding_Wedding Party-13

After meeting Cody over drinks at a coffee house, Heather knew she’d love to capture their special day. Their day was filled with personal touches which Heather loves to capture…after all, it’s usually the small things you forget after the event…

“I loved how the bride and groom had their hand and personality in every aspect of their wedding. They celebrate his Minnesota and her Idaho roots with their décor and table centrepieces”

CT Wedding_First Look-14

CT Wedding_ceremony-3

CT Wedding_ceremony-7

CT Wedding_Bridals-10

No real wedding would be the same without some challenges, and Cody and Tyler’s day was no different.  The ceremony ran faster than the food caterer had planned, so everything ended up being delayed. However, the couple just filled the time with toasts, which made everyone cry, and then kicked up the dance floor till dinner was ready.

But thats just how it goes. Some weddings have little hiccups, some weddings have big ones. But at the end of the day, when all is said and done, its about the couple tying the knot and celebrating their love.

CT Wedding_Bridals-18

CT Wedding_Bridals-20

CT Wedding_Bridals-23

CT Wedding_Bridals-39

We always love to ask the photographer their thoughts on love. And Heathers response was very candid and to the point…

“Love is simply the most complex emotion and bond that anyone can have. It is the most honest emotion because it’s one of the heart.”

We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves, Heather.

CT Wedding_reception-1

CT Wedding_Reception-15

CT Wedding_Reception-8

CT Wedding_Reception-57

Heather is a an all-natural light documentary styled wedding photographer, based in Northern Idaho. She travels locally, nationally and internationally to shoot her speciality; smaller weddings and elopements for the wild at heart.

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Photographer | Heather Woolery

Caterer/Beer | Rants & Raves Brewery

Venue | River Dance Lodge

DJ | Sydney Walker